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Assam Tea Gardens

About This Project

This 360-degree interactive documentary transports the user to a tea garden in Assam, India. The breathtaking beauty of the gardens stands in stark juxtaposition to the inhuman living and labour conditions faced by tea garden workers. Users can pan and zoom around the tea garden, enter homes, the hospital, and the classroom.


This community-centred storytelling project embraces the power of innovation and technology in the movement for social and economic justice. The 360-degree interactive documentary and photo components of this project have been used to document and disseminate human rights violations faced by tea garden workers in presentations and panel discussions in Delhi and New York.



Nazdeek | Bringing Justice Closer



Launch VR (compatible with Mobile VR Headset such as google cardboard): Nazdeek VR

Computer/ Desktop: Nazdeek Interactive




HELM, Interactive Documentary