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Mythologies of Mumbai

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Perhaps no other space is as visually evocative of Mumbai’s transformation as the mill area, which has been integral to its financial and cultural growth. Mythologies of Mumbai, a seven-year project of Partners of Urban Knowledge and Action Research (PUKAR), is an extensive archive of the former mill lands of Girangaon documented through the eyes of the people who lived and worked there. PUKAR’s ‘right to research’ methodology democratizes research and uses it as a tool for alternative pedagogy, advocacy, intervention, and transformation.


Designed by HELM Studio and based on the work of PUKAR, this interactive documentary uses 360-degree multimedia production techniques, photography, and video alongside personal interviews, urban maps, and vast historical records to bring new interpretations and perspectives of Girangaon’s past, present, and future.


On November 20th, 2017, Mythologies of Mumbai launched with a 5-day exhibition called Archiving the Mill Lands: The Mythologies of Mumbai Project. The exhibition was hosted by Columbia Global Centers, Mumbai as part of its Mumbai as a City of Knowledge initiative.



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